Healthcare Informatics & Information Technology

Ascon Health provides a variety of proven, dependable IT services to a variety of customers. We have full-time architects, engineers, systems networking specialists and expert technologists who can build, deploy and maintain IT infrastructures of our enterprise clients.

Our team has many years IT experience at large enterprises worldwide. We have developed EAI, data warehousing, real time business process monitoring, system and data integration and mission critical custom software, and have implemented third party enterprise software products from Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, SAS, Siebel, IBM and Microsoft.

Ascon Health realizes that the ROI from IT investments increases exponentially when data and processes of a clinical enterprise are unified across individual enterprise applications.

Getting to such a state is a challenging and daunting task for most Pharmaceuticals and CROs. Integrating complex clinical, data collection and data analyses applications with best-of-breed clinical products is best accomplished by an expert - experienced team like us.

Our expert clinical technologists work with such complex data and processes on a daily basis, and we use a variety of techniques, third party tools and products to overcome such large integration challenges.

Some of the clinical products we work with include: Oracle Clinical, Clintrial, DZS-ClinPlus, SAS® , Mckesson, Eclipsys, Cerner etc.

We adhere to closed clinical data interchange protocols such as CDISC and HL7 and open XML standards.

Clinical research and healthcare is one of the few areas where data volumes increase exponentially every day. Ascon Health, with it's Pharmaceutical Clinical Research and IT expertise, is positioned uniquely to provide state-of-the-art clinical data warehousing and clinical intelligence services for such large amounts of clinical / healthcare data.

This central repository of clinical trial data allow for easy access and easy reporting. Advantages can be had while generating IND, NDA and other regulatory packages such as ISS and ISE.

We provide in-depth clinical data warehousing services. We design departmental specific data marts and enterprise wide warehouses, and can deploy third party or develop custom software to map, extract, transform, cleanse and load data from source systems to the data warehouse. We then deploy fast, web-based reporting and analytical tools which provide a full range of business intelligence information including financial, operational, clinical and business drivers.

Ascon Health leverages OmniComm's EDC system for improved efficiency and data quality

Trial Master™ & Trial Builder™ technology and our approach streamlines clinical trial data collection while maintaining very high data integrity while minimizing time during clinical trials.

Our "What You See is What You Complete" methodology caters to:

  • Easy completion of eCRFs
  • Efficient workflow at the clinical sites
  • Work flow at the site for PI and site coordinator
  • Easy training for PIs and site coordinators
  • High acceptance at clinical sites
  • Rapid start-up of clinical trial
  • Easy customization for each trial
  • Highly automated eCRF / template building
  • In-built data quality edit checks
  • Need for real-time data access
  • Faster query resolution
  • Lower error rates
  • Quicker DB lock from last patient out (LPO)
  • Access to individual patient status
  • Seamless SAS® dataset creation

The EDC Solution meets:

  • Audit trial requirements
  • All validation requirements
  • 21 CFR part 11 standards
  • Control access and data encryption requirements