Medical Device, Drug & Disease Registries

Ascon Health associates have been involved in designing and executing some of the most meaningful and informative clinical registries in therapeutic areas such as:

  • Spine Surgery
  • Spinal Implants and devices
  • Pain Management
  • Interventional Cardiology
  • Cardiovascular Surgery
  • Gastric Bypass Surgery
  • Nephrology
  • Anemia Management

Ascon Health Brand Management contributes to our biopharmaceutical customers' success by providing executable and realistic solutions at every phase of a product's lifecycle.

Our goal is to ensure maximum market share while minimizing the effects of product maturity, generic erosion and other factors contributing to a decline in market share.

Our team can help answer critical brand management questions such as:

  • ow quickly is the market growing?
  • What are the critical success factors for our new product?
  • What is our product launch strategy?
  • What resources do we need to have a successful launch?
  • How should we fine-tune our promotional campaign?
  • What additional clinical data is needed to better our market position?
  • How can we measure the effectiveness of our tactical sales plan?
  • What changes should we make in our pricing and/or contracting strategies?
  • What is our best generic strategy?

With almost 2/3s of all prescriptions being paid for by third-party payors, managed care plays a significant role in the healthcare space. Higher co-pays, multi-tier formularies, cost-shifting to patients, and products moving to OTC are only a few of the managed care issues facing pharmaceutical companies.

Ascon Health team provides clients with answers to critical strategic questions such as:

  • How can I get my product on formulary?
  • How can I grow market share within specific plans?
  • How can I avoid high discounts and rebates on our product?
  • How can I project adoption of a product during a launch?

Some of the key services we provide include understanding, evaluating and developing:

  • Plan Strategy
  • Plan Contract Management
  • Plan Contract Tracking
  • Formulary Assessment
  • Physician Affiliation and Performance

The rapid transformation of the biotech and pharmaceutical industries has lead companies to focus on the clinical development of their candidates. The challenge the organizations face is the selection of the optimal strategy for conducting their clinical programs.

Typically, biopharmaceutical companies have had three options:

  • Out-licensing their product
  • Setting up their own clinical development operations
  • Outsourcing clinical development to contract research organizations (CROs)
  • A strategic combination of the above

Ascon Health has successfully helped clients understand and evaluate each of the options or a combination of the above options to address their clinical development needs. We have helped our clients successfully execute on the option that best meets their need.

Ascon Health can assist pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the complex process of managing and optimizing the strategic assets in a pharmaceutical development product portfolio. Our unique strengths in information technology with the sciences of pharmacology, drug and disease modeling, and clinical development, all directed at improving decision-making processes critical to accelerating drug development in today's competitive environment.

We collaborate with our clients around a rational process, assisted by advanced technology, to support critical decision-making. This approach leverages both internal resources and external resources and provides a concrete quantitative basis for decisions that had traditionally been based largely on qualitative assessments.

These improved decision processes enable optimization of strategies for risk-return management, resulting in more drug approvals, with better labels, in less time. We can help integrate functional areas of the drug development organization more smoothly, using sophisticated methods of evaluating alternative strategies more efficiently, and systematically adopting a strategic, quantitative, and innovation-focused perspective at all levels of decision-making.